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I guide self-led individuals to discover the source of an issue
and work together to transform it using: 

Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Energy Work & Shamanic Ceremony.

Enabling you to live a more empowered and fulfilling life.

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Join me for live online training to learn how to safely remove energy attachments from yourself and your clients. This program is for energy healers, practitioners and therapists, and for those on their spiritual path that have done a lot of work on themselves. We will be releasing Earthbound, Elemental, Dark & Inter-Dimensional energies, as well as thought forms and emotional energies. The course is a lovely mix of theoretical and practical content. We start on Wednesday 8th November at 7:30pm CET. 2 hours a week for 4 weeks. Live attendance is mandatory for the pair work exercises.


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In this highly effective 6-week program, we transform the root cause of your issue subconsciously using Hypnotherapy. Recommended for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, addictions and past traumas. This is profound work and leads to either a complete removal or huge reduction in symptoms. This protocol was originally developed for military personnel & veterans. 


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Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, yet powerful tool to help to re-programme thought patterns and behaviours within the subconscious mind using positive suggestions. This enables your subconscious mind to be aligned with your conscious desire to change.

It can be used to  overcome fears, phobias, addictions, stress and anxiety, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions. Physical symptoms can also be diminished, especially conditions exacerbated by stress.


Bridge into the Woods

Regression Therapy allows you to visit the source of a current life issue by taking you into past life or current life events, then transform them at a deep level. 

It could be a traumatic experience, self-limiting belief, fear, phobia, energetic blockage or emotion that you'd like more control over. We will work together to uncover where your thoughts, feelings, emotions or body memories originated.


Using therapeutic and energy techniques, I will guide you through the transformation process. Regression allows you to see the bigger picture, and find the inner qualities you need to overcome and move forward.



In a shamanic ceremony, I travel beyond time and space in a meditative state on your behalf to bring back wholeness. I retrieve or release the energies required to empower you to live your life to your full potential. Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Soul RemembranceIntrusion Extraction & Ancestral Healing.

Get in touch for advice on which ceremony is recommended for your current situation. 



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We can all be susceptible to intrusive energies when we're physically or emotionally vulnerable. They can become attached to us, and start affecting our mental, physical and emotional well-being. They can drain our energy, and negatively affect our thoughts and feelings.


They can take many different forms like spirit attachments, dark energy, curses, psychic attack and negative or emotional thought forms.

If you suspect you may have an intrusive energy attachment, please get in contact. 


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Intrusive energies can contribute to the occupants of a house or space feeling low, stressed, uncomfortable or it can affect their sleep, relaxation or general well-being. 


I will identify the causes and safely remove them, and energetically cleanse and balance the property, making it a welcoming and pleasant place to be once more. If you're struggling to sell a house, it can remove any possible energetic blockages. 

LighterYou Weightloss Programs

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These online Nutrition and Hypnotherapy programs are designed for weightloss. Make changes at a subconscious level, with a healthy food plan to go with it.  The Foundation & Intermediate programs can be purchased individually, or as a bundle to work through at your own pace. For more details, read more on each page. 

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