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Have you ever felt the energy of someone having a bad day? It can feel as though they have a black cloud over their head. Do you take on other people's feelings and emotions as if they are your own? Our energy fields extend beyond our physical bodies. When you become aware of your energy field, you also become aware of other people's and how it can affect you. 

Sometimes we can pick up other energy that doesn't belong to us without even realising, and it can attach to our energy field. Certain experiences in life can leave us vulnerable, especially if we've experienced any of the following: 


This can be draining and cause unpleasant side effects like unexplained fatigue, unexplained depression, sudden changes in mood or behaviour, addictions, various thoughts or emotions that don’t belong to us or sleeplessness/night terrors.

There are different types of energy that can come within our energy fields and may need to be released. Below are some terms used in energy work with an explanation for each:

INTRUSIVE THOUGHT OR EMOTIONAL ENERGY: Taking on others thoughts and emotions as if they are our own. Working in an environment where you're dealing with people experiencing negative emotions can be draining if you don't protect yourself or release those emotions at the end of the day. Customer Services jobs, hospitals/any kind of patient care or even working in a pub can leave you open to picking this energy up. 


EARTHBOUND SPIRITS: These are spirits of people that haven't moved on from the earth plane, some of them may not even realise they've passed. They can be attracted to a person if they regularly experience a familiar emotion or participate in an activity they miss. ​​

CURSES AND SPELLS: The effects of negative energy or thoughts being sent from another person. Often associated with witchcraft or black magic, they are commonplace in certain cultures and religious beliefs.​

The treatment can take different forms, depending on the nature of the symptoms and energies involved. Most Energy Cleansing is straightforward, and can be completed in one session. It's a comfortable process where you sit or lie down and we find out why the energy joined you and how it has been affecting you. We will then release that energy and send it to a safe place for healing. Far from being scary, most energy releases are actually quite peaceful, full of information, understanding, humour and love.

I'll also teach you some quick techniques to reinforce your natural protection to prevent further energy attachments in the future.

A session costs £80, and lasts for approximately 1-1.5 hours and can be completed remotely or in person. If you'd like to book in for a session, please provide details of any symptoms you've been experiencing on the contact form page or complete the online questionnaire.

  • Physical factors like drug/alcohol abuse, illness, accidents/injury or trauma.

  • Emotional traumas like intense negative emotions, relationship breakdowns or bereavement.

  • Visiting or working in locations such as hospitals, prisons, pubs, disaster sites or cemeteries.

  • Psychic events like using a ouija board, certain types of meditation and psychic openness.

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