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Andean Tradition Energy Cleansing MeditationWhite Light Therapies
00:00 / 13:05

Enjoy this short healing meditation to cleanse and nourish your body and energy field with light energy. In the Andean tradition, energy is seen as either light (sami) or heavy (hucha). Hucha can be felt as negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Perhaps even energy that you've picked up from others. 

This is a conscious daily practice for Andean healers to cleanse themselves, and to keep their life force energy powerful. You can do this in the morning to set yourself up for the day, and again in the evening to cleanse you from the energies of the day. Allow this meditation to keep you more consciously aware of your energy interchanges with people, and whether they feel light or heavy. Are you creating more sami or hucha with your words and actions? 


Relaxation & Gratitude MeditationWhite Light Therapies
00:00 / 09:00

In this 9-minute relaxing meditation, I invite you to focus on gratitude, community and healing. We are designed to live in community, whether that's with our family and friends face to face or online. I encourage you to develop a feeling of gratitude for the positive things in your life, and for those that you interact with.

To remind ourselves that we are not alone and have support whenever we may need it. 


Manifesting Your Ideal FutureWhite Light Therapies
00:00 / 29:11

Visualise your ideal future, and collapse time in order to bring the experience closer to you. By working with the energy of your desired outcome and making it really real, it is raising your vibration to know with certainty that it will happen. By trusting this future vision, without knowing how it will happen, it will allow you to be open to receive inspiration and take the necessary actions to get there during the day.


Uninterrupted SleepWhite Light Therapies
00:00 / 32:00

Just 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 4-5 hours of deep sleep, so allow this slightly longer meditation to deeply relax your body and mind. 


By using this meditation daily during your healing process, you're providing your body with the vital time it needs to rest and heal. You can listen to this just before sleep.


Relaxation for SleepWhite Light Therapies
00:00 / 15:55

Enjoy this short meditation to prepare you for a deep and restful sleep. By using hypnosis before you sleep rather than endless phone scrolling, you're giving your body the signals it's time to shut off from the stresses of the day. Use an eye mask if you wish to block out all light and inwardly focus on relaxation of mind and body. There are prompts at the end to remove headphones if you use them so that you can gently slip straight into a restful sleep.

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