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In much the same way as energy can be attracted to a person's energy field, there are many causes as to how negative energy can be attracted to buildings.

​These factors can encourage intrusive energies to enter and can contribute to the occupants feeling low, stressed, uncomfortable or affect their sleep, relaxation or general well-being.  

Perhaps you are trying to sell your house but are having difficulty (beyond any obvious physical reasons). You may even have regular issues with your electrics, boiler or water pipes with no explainable cause after being checked by a professional tradesperson. This can have an energetic source and can be resolved very quickly.

​You may even feel like your house is haunted and experience odd occurrences like strange noises, smells or movement of objects. It may seem scary, but it could just be that someone is trying to get your attention, or they could be upset or frightened. Space Clearing is a gentle and kind approach to moving energies on to a healing place that ensures they aren't stuck or able to come back.

I can assess your home for intrusive energy sources and release, re-route and energetically cleanse, balance and protect the property. This can be done in person or remotely and costs £80. It takes approximately 1.5 hours. If you'd like a remote clearance, I will need a floor plan and preferably photos or a short video of the property.  

  • Places where there is disharmony or tension amongst the occupants (current or previous).

  • Emotional energy from teenagers experiencing hormonal changes.

  • If a home has been built on the site of previous trauma such as a battleground or cemetery.

  • Earthbound spirits or ghosts

  • Geopathic stress, like underground water, communication masts nearby or blocked or stagnant leylines or portals. 

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