An awakening of consciousness can be an incredible experience on your journey through life. Kundalini awakening, spiritual practices, certain meditations, hallucinogens and even extreme stress can create a unexpectedly quick transformation process. If not managed with the right support, can become uncontrollable and reaches a point of crisis or emergency. 

There is a distinct difference between Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency, one can turn into the other spontaneously or over a period of time. If not managed, an emergency can be very dramatic and frightening with a chaotic overload of the senses, and an influx of excessive energy or psychic awareness.

An individual may experience any or all of the following: 


An emergency state can be difficult to experience alone, but it can also be a liberating experience, transcending fear and ego to a new place of emotional freedom. 

I can assess, support and guide you through this experience with techniques and strategies to stabilise and ground you, and safely transition from emergency back to into a manageable experience to gain deep and profound insights. 

Please complete the online questionnaire if at all possible, or go to my contact page and send me an email. 

  • Find it difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life

  • Be bombarded with inner experiences

  • Have old beliefs and ways of being challenged

  • Have difficulty in distinguishing between an inner visionary world and daily reality

  • Experience physical sensations of forceful energies through the body

  • Feel a strong urge to communicate their experiences

  • Sound out of touch with reality