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Before meeting with Louisa the thought of flying brought so much fear. I would even cry when booking tickets, and from that moment on I would be consumed by the thought and anxiety around the flight, that was even before getting on the flight!! That was another level of drama and unhappiness.  

Louisa made me feel so, so comfortable, it was like popping over to chat with a friend. The therapy was a treat, so relaxing and calm whilst still being completely aware and present.


After seeing Louisa I booked flights to Sri Lanka (without tears), felt excited about the holiday and then went on an 11hr and 12 hr flight. It was life changing and I’m so thankful x

CJ, Gibraltar



I contacted Louisa as I had a great weight and sadness in my heart with the passing of someone very close to me.

Louisa suggested we check for and clear any unwanted spirits first and we removed three. One of them was giving me such pain in my finger, I was unable to use it but now it is back in use and all the pain gone.

We went into the current sadness and past ones too, lots of tears but I felt so much better after the session. I do not have the heavy weight and sadness any more.

Louisa is very friendly and makes the experience very calming and relaxing. If you want to feel better about things in your life, I would definitely recommend Louisa.

DR, London


I contacted Louisa after suffering with postnatal depression which was never properly cured. I had undergone counselling in the past, both one to one and group sessions but they never really left me feeling too much better.

I did two sessions with Lou and I have noticed a huge difference in my moods and my general well being, I am able to process thoughts better, look at things more positively and cope better on a daily basis.


After the first session alone I already felt better, my family have noticed it too! 
I really couldn’t recommend her enough.
Lou is patient and understanding and so easy to talk to, she’s someone who will become your friend after the first session. 


I would certainly recommend Lou to anyone and can’t thank her enough for the positive change she has made to my life. 

S.L.D, Gibraltar

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