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This profoundly life-changing program is designed to be conducted over 6 weeks. It's a powerful way to transform old traumas that may be affecting you today in the form of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression or other forms of coping mechanisms like addictions.

It is a safe method to release the trapped emotions of the past, so that you are free to live your life as you choose. Because we're doing the transformation work at a subconscious level, you'll be completely relaxed throughout the whole process. There's no need for you to talk through your past experiences if you don't wish to. A lot of the time, my clients find they don't even remember parts of the session as they're so deeply relaxed. However, their subconscious mind is always listening and doing the work on their behalf.







Each week  you'll be provided with Hypnotherapy audios to listen to between sessions as a way to not only reinforce the positive suggestions, but to calm down your nervous system and bring you back to safety.

This program can be completed online or in person, and is 2 hours each week for 6 weeks. We will first have a free of charge hour-long consultation where I will go through everything you're experiencing at present so that we can take a measure of your symptoms.

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