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Benefits of buying the Bundle

There is a natural flow between our LighterYou Foundation & Intermediate Programs

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  • From white grains to wholegrain.

  • From dairy to dairy free milks, cheeses and yogurts.

  • From white sugars to honey and healthy sugars.

  • From white starchy foods to wholegrain starchy foods.

  • From cooking oils to Ghee and coconut oil for cooking.

  • From conventional ready-made snacks to healthy ready-made snacks.

  • 1 portion of veggies at lunch, 1 at dinner.


  • Creation of a strong foundation of a calmer mind and body. 

  • Lowering stress levels and understanding nervous system responses.

  • Setting goals and creation of new healthy habits.

  • Programming your subconscious mind with positive, healthy suggestions.

  • Some self-enquiry work to discover and change eating patterns.

  • 12 audios & 1 hour of video content


  • Intermittent fasting 12/12.

  • Healthy cooking methods and regular meal times.

  • Whole foods introduced.

  • Mindful eating to start listening to your body.

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  • From whole grains to gluten free grains.

  • From dairy free milks, cheese and yogurt to Greek yogurt and Kefir only.

  • Honey and healthy sugars reduced quantities.

  • Wholegrain starchy foods reduced to 1-2 per day.

  • From Ghee and coconut oil to coconut oil only for cooking.

  • From healthy ready-made snacks to some ready-made and some home-made snacks.

  • 1 extra portion of veggies each main meal.


  • Targeting the core emotional reasons for unhealthy eating. 

  • Techniques for the release of heavy emotions.

  • Transformation of emotional patterns, relationships and situations.

  • Deeper self-enquiry to discover more about who you have been and why.

  • Creation of an Ideal You with subconscious rehearsal.

  • Manifestation of your ideal outcome.

  • Plus grounding, mindfulness and energy exercises.

  • 10 audios & over 1 hour of video content


  • Intermittent fasting 14/10.

  • Importance of drinking water and soaking grains.

  • Superfoods introduced.

  • Self-love practices to connect with your body on a deeper level.

By following both programs, you will naturally progress in your goal, gain more knowledge and understanding and make LighterYou your way of Life.

Buying both programs together is a better value investment  in yourself


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